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Miami Beach, FL


What People Are Saying

In my 78 years on this planet, if I were asked to name the greatest restaurant I have ever dined in, it would be, hands down, Joe’s Stone Crab. When I first broke into radio in Miami Beach, in 1957, I was also the track announcer at the Miami Beach Dog Track. It was located right next to Joe’s. So, every night, I would walk past Joe’s, look into the window and wonder if I would ever get to eat there?
— Larry King
I love Joe’s Stone Crab—it is a Miami must-do. The waiters’ stories you’ll read in this book are as perfect as they are!
— Rosie O'Donnell
People come from all parts of the world to eat at Joe’s and experience the excellent service. Joe’s is symbolic of our great city and its growth over the years.
— Emilio Estefan

Inside Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

WLRN goes inside Joe's Stone Crab! Click on the play button below to listen to Deeny Kaplan Lorber talking about Waiting At Joe's, or click here for the WLRN article and audio. 

Waiting At Joe's on BIG 105.9! 

At about 13:00 there is a clip about the book….listen for a few minutes.


Deeny Kaplan Stops by the FreshStart Studio

Deeny Kaplan has had her share of good fortune, and bad. She'll chat with Rayanne about how she balances it all and still has time, while having a very successful career to become a published author.

Ms. Kaplan has had multiple successes in work and in life - but as we all know, the surface covers a great treasure trove of stories that include success, failure, and heartbreak. How we trek through the various nooks and crannies is what ultimately matters. Deeny will share her secrets for success while trespassing the sometimes treacherous pathways of life.

2014 will be the Year of the Woman. Rayanne and Deeny will talk about what that means.